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About Treasures
The Ozarks have a timeless beauty and magic all their own. The redbuds and dogwoods in spring. The greens of mountain forests in the summer, that shift to brilliant reds and golds in fall. Delicate snows on pine boughs and crystalline icicles that transform cliffsides in winter.

Inspired by the magnificence of nature in the Ozarks,
artist Cindy Beller creates jewelry that emulates the interplay of colors and forms
she sees around her.

From her childhood, when she worked in her father’s jewelry store, Cindy has loved gems and semi-precious stones. To her, each stone tells its own “story,” and she frames those stories beautifully, carefully balancing different hues and shades in simple, uncluttered designs.

Cindy makes the stones and their composition
the focal point, with nothing to take away from their natural splendor. Taking motifs from around the world – Bali, Thailand, and other exotic locales – she brings them “home,” forming a perfect match with the special beauty of the Ozarks.

With a degree in fine arts and interior design,
Cindy brings her training and talent together to create unique heirloom-quality pieces. She can do reproductions of pieces already sold, but no two will be exactly alike.

See for yourself. Each handcrafted treasure is truly one of a kind, and one you’ll keep for a lifetime.  
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